• Doubled membership of NSBE from 15,000 to 30,000+ in 7 years

  • Increased annual NSBE Life Member sign-ups by 150%

  • Recognized by NSBE for providing exceptional customer service

  • Transformed NSBE Customer Service Center into a highly effective entity by training the staff to solve every problem with extreme quickness and courtesy

  • Designed NSBE Membership Historical Database

  • Led NSBE through the discovery process and selection of its current AMS system (Aptify)

  • Successfully managed membership department of NBMBAA through a headquarters relocation

  • Received "Rock Star" status for flawless implementation of the Timberlake AMS in record time

  • Created Chapter Dashboard for NBMBAA to mimic the old AMS dashboard for chapter leaders while transitioning the organization to the Timberlake AMS system.

  • Mastered 3 AMS systems [Timberlake AMS, IMPak AMS (now Impexium), and ARC Solutions AMS (now MemberSuite)]

  • Trained Lutheran Settlement House on how to maximize utilization of Microsoft Excel

When you need him, he transforms into the Member Man, a high-powered, problem-solving membership services machine that transforms associations for the good of the society!

Membership Management Consulting is an independent consulting practice established in 2017 by Kenjie Davis. Kenjie is a dedicated Associations Management Professional with over 10 years of experience helping organizations construct successful membership programs. His unique background exclusively positions him to effectively serve organizations in the non-profit space. Trained as an engineer and fueled by service, he employs amazing creativity, a superb technical acumen and outstanding analytical abilities to membership development.



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