Do you know all of the possibilities that WYSIWYG editors afford you? What about the member firewall? Ever use a teaser page? Do you know how to capture incomplete applications? There are plenty of tools you can use in the Naylor system to maximize its effect on your association. Member Man can show you how!


Kenjie Davis is the only Membership Consultant on the market with expertise in the Naylor AMS Software (formerly Timberlake) and has maximized the system for organizations before. He has implemented the Naylor AMS in an astounding 2 months from start to launch! He is responsible for the creation of the system dashboard that Naylor AMS users now enjoy. Kenjie also encouraged Naylor to change many of the software’s word editors to WYSIWYG editors, which creates a world of possibilities for an organization. Click Here to learn more about Kenjie's 10+ years of experience in Membership Development.

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Maximize Your Naylor AMS

The Naylor AMS can do so much more for your organization than you know!


Let Member Man Help

Here are the areas where we can help you maximize your Naylor AMS 


  • System Implementation

  • Module Configurations

  • System Updates and Enhancements

  • Data Management


*We now offer full-scale AMS management. Let Member Man take care of Naylor AMS for you, freeing you up to focus on other association matters. 


  • Content Management

  • Reporting

  • Training

"Kenjie is a Rock Star!"

Cara Watters-Draxler 

Naylor Association Solutions


“Kenjie is a Rock Star!”

Cara Watters-Draxler

Naylor Association Solutions

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